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Paragon Real Estate is a Real Estate Company in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Our Property Development firm in Addis Ababa is under the management of Samcon Engineering & Construction, a construction firm founded in 1994 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Background & Development of the Organization

Paragon Real Estate PLC (PRE) is engaged in real estate development business in Ethiopia. it is part of SAMCON Group (holding company), which was established first as SAMUEL SAHLEMARIAM BUILDING CONTRACTOR (SAMCON Engineering) during the mixed economic era (late 1990s or 19 years ago). The company was established by its founder and MD, Ato Samuel Sahlemariam who has been interested in business since Graduation from Addis Ababa University Technology Faculty. Though the company faced various challenges, its expansion and growth continued. Too long to warrant mentioning here.

As such, PRE was established in 2015 and has since been engaged in the development of Residential and Commercial building and Renting of Real Estate property to customers. It was very difficult to start real estate business at that time. Thus, it took about 2 years for completing its First property fully owned by Paragon real estate plc. “Daki Building” near Semen Hotel. Then, the company obtained about additional three plot of land Purchased direct from owner and Lease from Addis Ababa City Government. This makes PRE one of the pioneers in the sector.

Paragon Real Estate PLC's Offerings

Paragon Real Estate PLC (PRE) is currently carrying out its operation in three different sites named Tikure Anbessa Site, Semen Hotel Site and Yohanes Church Site.

The Tikure Anbesa Site is laying on an area of 3075m2 of land 3B+G+21, located Near the Bank and financial Center of Ethiopia, Lideta Sub city.

The Semen Hotel Site is laying on an area of 781m2 of land 2B+G+12, located Near Addis Ababa Municipality, Arada Sub city.

The Ras Desta Site is laying on an area of 500m2 of land B+G+10, located Near the Addis Ababa Ras desta Hospital of Ethiopia, Arada Sub city.


The Vision of PRE is reputable company committed to delivering quality Residential, commercial services building in real estate and hospitality sectors in both domestic and regional markets


  • Customer focused
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Participation
  • Commitment ( devotion and dedication)
  • Efficiency and effectiveness
  • Integrity and honesty
  • Respecting human dignity
  • Strong work culture
  • Sustainable growth. 


The mission of the company is stated as “to construct quality and affordable residential and commercial houses as well as hotels and Office facilities and deliver to customers in Ethiopia and abroad.”

Strategic Goals

The strategic goals of the company are:


  • Expanding and diversification of company’s products;
  • Ensuring high customer & Employee satisfaction;
  • Lead the Real Estate market nationally and penetrate into international market;
  • Building institutional capacity of the company;
  • Sustainable profit generation.

Samcon Construction & Engineering

The construction industry plays significant role in enhancing the development of any country.  In this regard lots of contracting firms have been established in the country.

SAMCON Engineering & Construction is being one of the many contracting firms established so far. Since its establishment in 1987 E.C we have entered into contract with various employers both local and international. The company has successfully accomplished the construction of different facilities like Office, Health, Agricultural, Universities, and Residential Villas etc. in various regions of the country.

And at this moment our company implement ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System and awarded third party audit report.


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